Friday, January 20, 2006


Yeah, yeah, it's been forever since I've posted. Blah blah blah. Wah...

Anyway, I guess we're in the third trimester now. Holy shit, the time has flown by. One of Wife Unit's friends gave birth to her son today. One of my coworkers found out his four-month-pregnant wife is having twins. Fraternal. Another instant family. There must be something in the water here. One of my team mates at work's wife is preggers. He's 24, and he as two kids, the oldest is seven.

In my house, which is in utter disarray, less than two weeks before the party/baby shower, the painting is done. Crib waits to be assembled, all the pieces leaning against a bed in another bedroom. Baby dresser/change table waits to be placed in the nursery, patiently passing the time in my hallway. Shower gifts have begun to arrive. We received a baby bathtub day before last. It's inside what looks to be a baby tub duffel bag. The big hammock shaped dent in the bag means one of the kitties found it to be a comfy bed. Baby Oven says her ring finger is starting to swell, and it's time to wear the ring hung from a chain. She can barely keep a TV tray on her lap now, much less lap space. I've even felt some movement in Wife Unit's belly, but most of the time the baby freezes as soon as I can place my hand upon the swelling cocoon in which my daughter gestates.

But... Nothing, nothing has impressed upon me more with the realization that a baby is on the way than being kicked in the back/butt by my unborn daughter for the first time while being spooned. It was pretty trippy... Yeah, I'm feeling a little perpetual.

And it was pretty cool.

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