Monday, November 24, 2003

Ok, so this is my first entry into my first blog. Ok, so the name may seem a little gross, but this is my blog, and you'll just have to deal with it. It's just a stupid little, umm, what's the word, analogy, that I thought up, straight from the cuff. I rather thought it at least minimally clever. My first attempt at communicating what I characterize as a somewhat twisted, if not lame, sense of humor.

Ok (ok, how many times will I say "ok?"?), my friend Kim was the inspiration for me to sign up to this. It will probably be incredibly boring, as I could never even imagine being capable of putting my cognitive urine into words in such a way that would be even modestly entertaining. But hey, who said I have to entertain? If it happens, it will be a complete and utter accident of unfathomable coincidence.

Ever been in a bar with a bunch of friends and peripheral friends, and everyone is engaged in amazingly stimulating and amusing conversation, and you find yourself in a conversational purgatory? You're in the midst of many people, and there are two, maybe three different conversations going on around you, but you can't really manage to engage yourself in any of them. I seem to have found myself in that very scenario last night at Joey's. Sometimes it's more fun just to stay within that purgatory, because you can be a fly on the wall, hiding in plain sight. You can turn your head just a little and eavesdrop on all the conversations going on around you, all at once! Snooping in the most overt way. Is this a result of being socially inept? Perhaps the opportunity of the perfect entry into a conversation never came up. (Ok, so it did eventually, later in the evening) When I think about it, it was probably me just being lazy. Maybe I was just enjoying my Anchor Christmas ale just a little too much. (It was really fucking good)

Sunday, November 23, 2003